“A manor is a self-sustaining landholding of a size and income sufficient to support a knight. It is also his/her home; the house where his family lives. But it can be much more than that too.”
-Book of the Manor


An example of a typical small medieval manor.

PC Manors



Manorial Improvements provide different advantages, depending on type. Some are practical and generate income. Some are military, to protect sites. The best give automatic Trait, Passion or Skill checks to owner of the manor each year.

Types of Improvements

Common Structures: Necessary for the existence and well being of the manor’s commoners. They generate income or maintain the manor’s ability to create wealth and reduce the peasant’s Hate (landlord) when rebuilt.

Developments: Things that make the lives of the commoners easier. They reduce the peasant’s Hate (landlord)

Manorial Buildings: Necessary for the knight’s survival, but also provides benefits of protection or comfort to the knight’s family. They may provide protection to the manor and give annual Glory.

Fortifications: Defensive works, suitable only for war. They give Defense Value (DV) to the Manor and give annual Glory.

Enhancements: Luxury and Extravagant items. They grant chances for Trait, Passion or Skill checks and give annual Glory.

Investments: Provide a chance for annual Income. They may grant a Trait or Skill check and may provide Glory.

Religious Donations: Grant checks or rolls to religious Traits or Passions, give Glory, and can generate income.

How to build an Improvement

The prices listed are for the building of an item/improvement in a year or less. Extending the building time does not lessen the price. If there are insufficient fund, an Improvement can be partially built in the hopes of completing it later. Benefits are not gained until it is finished. Only one Improvement may be built per year. This represents your entire labor pool (peasants and craftsmen) being devoted to building it that year. By paying 1.5 the normal cost, a second improvement may be built by bringing in outside labor and materials.

Failure to build: There is always a small chance that something disastrous may occur, like a fire, faulty materials, goods being stolen, raiders & bandits, etc. There is a 1 in 20 chance of a disaster occurring (roll of 20 on a d20).

List of Improvements

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