Ancient Britain is a strange and dangerous place. Only a very small portion has been “civilized”. The folk of this land are extremely superstitious; for good reason. Nearly every forest, swamp, rocky mountainside is believed to be haunted by faerie folk or some strange and dangerous monster of some kind. Stories abound of people snatched from their bedside or lost on the road, never to be heard from again. The vale between our world and the fae is fluid and unpredictable. One minute a knight may be hunting a boar in his homeland, only to find himself surrounded by strange sites and sounds. It is in these places that the strange, beautiful and dangerous creatures of legend lurk.

Creatures will be revealed as they are encountered


A strange and terrifying monster; an unholy melding of man and horse. They come in all sizes and colors and are said to range near cursed or polluted bodies of water, be it fresh or salt. They bleed water or slime and will not surrender or flee. Thhere are stories of them sprouting extra limbs and must be hacked to pieces before they will cease their aggression. They are extremely fast and nimble. Beware!



Some say these are the predecessors of the barbarian Picts, who bred with these creatures in unholy rites. For the most part, giants are a solitary and unaggressive sort. They are only dangerous when confronted in their territory or when driven mad by hunger or some magic interference. Some even have a rudimentary understanding of language, though only communicate through grunted phrases and clipped words.



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