Knights Rampant

Blood and Death.

First Winter Phase & Battle

It was a cool and wet early spring morning. The mist of the dawn had barely begun to burn off as the army of King Uther Pendragon took to the field. The knights of central and southern Logres had come together to drive back the army of King Ælle, King of Sussex; at Mearcred Creek. Our heroes were assigned to a small unit of knights under the command of the old, yet experienced Sir Amig. The Saxon army-mostly on foot-seized the initiative early and stalled the usually devastating First Charge of Uther’s knights. The battle raged for several hours. Little was gained for either side; with most combatants coming away bloodied yet still standing. Sir Bellias’ squire was separated from the group and pulled from his horse, never to be seen again. Belias was able to corner and capture a retreating Saxon knight and managed to ransom him back to his family later in the year. Sir Wynfor was also separated from his squire, but was able to re-unite with him at the close of battle, happening upon the young lad tending to the wounded in the hospital tents. Sir Neirin acquitted himself quite valiantly; managing to capture a young household knight after his squire threw himself between them in order to rescue Neirin. Sir Rydderch managed to come through the battle nearly unscathed, having carved a bloody swath through the barbarian horde.



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