Knights Rampant

Bear Necessities


The squires were sent to save the village of Imber from a man-eating bear! When they arrived in town; Wynfor made a stirring speech; inspiring the peasants to take part in the hunt!

Bellias, Cadfael and Rydderch cornered the creature after only a few minutes following its obvious trail. Rydderch & Bellias charged it valiantly from horseback; scoring hits before the terrifying beast pulled Bellias from his saddle. Seeing his chance while the bear poised to crush Bellias in its enormous jaws; Cadfael charged in, skewering the bear through the heart from behind!

On their way back to Imber, the young heroes stumbled upon bandits who were robbing a group of helpless villagers. The scruffy villains stood no chance as the young men rode them down. When the dust cleared only one villain remained and was instantly clapped in irons for judgment by Earl Roderick.

When the squires were presented before the Earl at his seat at Sarum, they were bestowed with the honor of a place at the Low Table for the coming night’s feast. As the feast ebbed; the Earl asked if any of his advisors knew of any young men worthy of the honor of knighthood. Sir Elad; the Marshal of Salisbury stood and named the squires!

Next morning the young men rose from their vigils and presented themselves for the ceremony. All received their Spurs, Shields and Swords with proper solemnity. Wynfor bore up under a quite brutal ceremonial tap from the Earl. The newly minted Sir Rydderch provided the entire gathering with a great amusement as he attempted-but spectacularly failed-a vault into the saddle of his enormous Destrier.


Bear Necessities

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